The McLean County Libertarian Party is a chapter of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. We provide a local political home for those who value honesty and fairness, and respect for the Constitution of the United States and the principals of freedom.

Lupe Diaz, the founder of the McLean County Libertarian Party organized the first meeting on March 22, 2009. We elected our first officers, which served until January 2011. They were: Lupe Diaz: Chair; Stephen Moist: Vice Chair; Kyle Kidwell: Young Libertarian Chair; Jeff Ready: Treasurer; Lex Green: Secretary. We also appointed Karen Green as our Webmaster.

The current board was elected to serve until January 2017. We elected : Bennett Morris: Chair; Karen Green: Vice Chair; Lex Green: Treasurer; Denise Langnes: Secretary..

Our former chair and chair emeritus, Lupe Diaz is also a former Chair of the state Libertarian Party of Illinois. Member Matt Ervin is also a former Chair of the LP Illinois. Lex Green ran for Governor of Illinois in 2010 and Mayor of Bloomington in 2013 and is the current state chair. Karen Green and Jeff Ready ran for Bloomington City Council in 2011. Karen is also Membership Director for the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

Our first elected Libertarian in McLean County Charles Silas, serves on the Normal Library Board of Trustees.

If you share in these values and want a voice in government, come and meet with us. Together we can instill those values into our political systems and establish a fairer government.

McLean County LP makes a home for the Politically Homeless. Please join us on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM. We are open to the public; welcome all political newcomers; Republicans, and Democrats in recovery are also welcome. Please feel free to email our Chair at Chair@mcleancountyLP.org if you have any questions.

The members of McLean County Libertarian Party look forward to meeting you!

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